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What happens if you use Tesla coil to charge a capacitor?

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    I am trying to create a high DC voltage output(with extremely low current output).

    upload_2017-6-23_10-6-49.png I thought of something like this. The left coil would be the tesla coil. Can I use this to charge the capacitor and create high DC voltage? What would happen if capacitance was really high?
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    Welcome to PF.
    Where will you get a rectifier diode with sufficient reverse voltage rating.
    Where will you get a capacitor with a sufficient voltage rating.
    Do you know what voltages you are going to encounter?
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    What's the application? What's your background with high voltage?
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    Will the voltage be built up to a very high level?(if the diode and capacitor can withstand, of course)
    I know the voltage output from tesla coil is very high.
    I don't have much experiece with high voltage. I want to know the theory and the potential danger.
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    then you should be finding who lives in your area that can mentor you directly
    you shouldn't be playing with very high voltages on your own when you have little experience
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    Well, if you're speaking from a purely ideal point of view and completely disregard safety and part acquisition I can help with the "What would happen if capacitance was really high?" portion of your post. Other members, please feel free to correct me because I will learn from it as well.

    The bigger your output capacitance the higher the peak current your diode will see. Since we're assuming perfect parts this won't matter but in reality it can make a difference.
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    Good suggestion by @davenn

    Based on the level of experience of the OP, this thread is closed as a dangerous activity discussion.
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