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What I need for image processing programming?

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    I am new to image processing and going serious from now on (as part of my research). I am a Mac user. What program is the best for image processing?

    What the difference between Xcode and Microsoft Window Visual, which one is better and does OpenCV can works with both of them?
    What kind of programming is the best for image processing? Is it C?
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    It really depends on what you are doing and what you are comfortable with. Are Matlab and python too slow?
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    I don't really know actually. I am actually a beginner. From the look at it, maybe I will need to do it in C (based on my conversation with my lecturer since my senior is doing it in C if I am not mistaken). So, about the programming language itself, I think I can think about it later. But what is the difference between the Xcode and Microsoft Visual Studio? Really confuse right now. Is it one any better than other (if I want to do image processing on it)?
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    It doesn't matter if you use Xcode or Visual Studio, open-CV will work on both Windows and Mac.
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