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Hello everyone
i am totally confused about continuing my career in physics or engineering.I love physics.My main fields of interest are quantum physics, cosmology,space science,aerospace. I love all these.I want to be a physicist or a prof. But I also love engineering, in engineering also machanical eng,robotics, eng which involve designing things which flys(dnt noe wat it called). I also lyk little bit of programming. I love constructing n designing different things. I also want to be a inventor, or an engineer. Actually i like everything which needs ,innovation n creativity.
Please help me out.
P S ; my interest in robotics is little more,bt i like all.

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I am currently preparing for indian institute of technology.
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Do Physics. Doing engineering is fine if it is the thing you love above all else, otherwise keep your options open by sticking with a core subject like Physics. Good luck!
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Do you want to do something that you love or something that is more likely to put notes in your wallet?
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No no, i don't wanna work for money. I just wanna do because i love it.
And if somebody is paying me for doing what i wanna do then its good.
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No no, i don't wanna work for money.
A word of advice. When applying for jobs, don't let the employers know that :wink:
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see I did engineering 2 yrs back and I also love physics....In engineering you have to read physics...you can take mechanical branch...and there you will be studying maths,physics,mechanical...everything..
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Its good to do mechanical engineering... Its good branch and many times it is known as mother of all engineering branches. it includes physics and lots of math.. and little bit of programming also.... And then you can go for m tech or msc and then phd in astronomy/physics...

Just enjoy what you love......

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