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What Interpretation/Model of QM Predicts Bell Inequality Violations ?

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    Are there any modern interpretations of QM that predict the correlations in a Bell Inequality
    violation ? Preferably a local non realistic model based on mechanisms.
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    Any interpretation that does not predict observed violations of the bell inequalities would immediately be rejected. Thus, all remotely serious philosophic interpretations of QM predict Bell inequality violations.
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    The "shut up calculate" interpretation perfectly describes the Bell inequality violation.
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    None. All interpretations of QM lead to the same math. The only difference is the interpretation of the math.
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    I think you meant "all of them"?
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    I guess so, because QM violates the inequality. I meant to say that none of them violate the results predicted by QM for the experiment proposed by Bell, which is not the same thing, granted.
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