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What is finite elasticity talking about?

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    Hi, dear all,

    recently study the solid mechanic continuity, keep reading about to solve large deformation of material, you will need so called "finite elasticity"

    What is this finite elasticity refer to ?
    "Finite elasticity is a theory of elastic materials capable of undergoing large deformations."

    Erm, this sentence dont carry any meaning to me.
    I thought elastic material should always be finite, as it has finite length, which allow us to have elasticity measurement. if i have large deformation, will it change anything about elasticity?or it refer to nonlinear elastic material?

    mind to share?
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    anyone mind to share about this topic?
    or my question is too general?
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    I think, "finite elasticity" in this context is simply used to distinguish from "rigid bodies", whose elastic coefficients are effectively infinite and deformations infinitesimal. Thus, a body exhibiting "finite elasticity" would be capable of "large deformations" that rigid body is not.
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    Hi, K^2.

    thank you for your explanation.
    It is solved

    to support your statement, i find the following from wikipedia.
    In physics, a rigid body is an idealization of a solid body of finite size in which deformation is neglected.

    i never realize have such differences. thanks a lot
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