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What is $recycle.bin? it has appeared in all the drives of the system.

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    how to remove this from all the drives, help.
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    On windows the main recycle bin on your desktop only links to a virtual folder that displays the recycle bin folder of each drive where the deleted contents on the drive are stored until the contents are completely deleted (Emptying the recycle bin)

    This means if you delete something on your external HDD on computer A it is stored in the recycle bin of that drive. Then you unplug the HDD and take it to computer B and then the deleted contents are still accessable so you can restore them.
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    there is a problem with my system about $recycle.bin..

    see that there are '$recycle.bin' and 'system volume information' folders in all the drives in partially visible state.(in dim color).
    how to remove these from the drives.
    by simple delete it's not working..
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    These are system folders, used by Windows. Even if you manage to delete them, Windows will create them again. Don't bother.

    Could be you have not seen them earlier because they are not displayed by default - have you changed explorer configuration lately? If so, configure explorer to not display hidden directories. Out of sight, out of mind.
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    If you are going to remove the 'system volume information' folder, you might as well delete the windows operating system and all of the files on your disk.

    Some folders are not meant to be tampered with unless you want to seriously have a bad day.
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    The only way to get rid of those is to right-click over your Recycle bin and tell Windows not to save any files in the Recycle bin. And that is a dangerous thing to do. Best let them alone, and just empty your trash bin from time to time.
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    There an option under Tools --> Folder Options --> View in Windows Explorer that hides operating system files.
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    It's interesting that you would want to delete something from your computer without even knowing what it is. As the others have said, it's something that you can't and shouldn't even try to remove.
    Windows Recycling Bin
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