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Medical What is that ringing sound in the head?

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    Hey guys, what is that ringing sound we hear in our head? I read in a taoist book that if we concentrate on it, it can finally be silenced and we will hear true silence where every sound will be clear but it won't bother through its clarity in the sense of annoyance but it will be beautiful. I tried it for 6 months.(focused on it all the time, through my activities) And It seems like I always had a rush on me due to why I heard the ringing sound. Its kinda like it is fog, because of why we can't hear silence b/c we are always in our own world.

    Is there any scientific data on this? Does anybody have their own opinion?
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    Geee, I didn't know it was a disease, I though everybody had it. Surprised to say the least.
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    Read the link a little more closely - it isn't a disease.

    Anyway, interesting link - I didn't know that our 'microphones' could double as 'speakers' just like the electronic variety!
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    Low pitched ringing noises are caused by a lack of B vitamins. Others are sometimes just feedback from the brain, just like feedback from a stereo. The brain uses a carrier wave to come incoming signals with. In some people it can be so loud that others can hear it in a quiet room. In other words, there is not one single simple answer to your question.
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    tune it out, ignore it, works for me
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    Tinnitus is often a symptom of something going bad in your brain/end organs. If you experience this, you should talk with a doctor, preferably an otolaryngologist.
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    William Shatner "Captain Kirk" of Star Trek fame suffers this in a big way. Aspirin in quantities will induce tinnitus. Lasix also. The worst I had did not occur till 24 hours after shooting bottoms for ventilation overcasts without my hands over my ears at the coal mine. It was my turn to set off the 20 shots. Sounded like a constant big ocean surf for another day. Richard "Ringo" Langly, one of the trio called "The Lone Gunman" from the X Files broke into the state computer and got a handicapped parking sticker claiming to have tinnitus.

    I have heard, while getting to sleep, the sound of a kettle drum in a rhythm that from the tempo I'm pretty sure was somehow the tympanic membrane bouncing to an arterial pulse.
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    While tinnitus may be the diagnosis once it becomes troublesome, it my understanding that it is quite normal to hear a faint ringing if one is in a quiet room and concentrates on it. It is my understadnnig that this is the normal sound of blood in your vessels near your inner ears.
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    Nothing to be concerned about until you talk to your doctor.

    It can simply be just ear wax since most people wash their ears with Q-tips and push the ear wax back and not out. That can cause some strange things to happen, like ringing ears, but also it can damage your ears. It's not likely that someone damages their ears using Q-tips since everyone uses it and no ones ever really known that it can cause problems.

    Now that you know, don't use Q-tips.
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