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What is the amplitude of the subsequent oscillations?

  1. Apr 18, 2010 #1
    A 375 g air-track glider attached to a spring with spring constant 9.50 N/m is sitting at rest on a frictionless air track. A 425 g glider is pushed toward it from the far end of the track at a speed of 96.0 cm/s . It collides with and sticks to the 375 g glider.

    a)What is the amplitude of the subsequent oscillations?

    b) What is there period?

    What formulas should I use, I don't seem to be using the right one.
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    i think i figured the first part out

    .5(0.8)(0.51)² = .5(9.5)A²

    and now i can get the second part

    period = 2pi* sqrt(m/k) = 2pi * sqrt(0.8/9.5) = 1.686 s
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