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Programs What is the best master's degree?

  1. Apr 5, 2016 #1
    I have my bachelor degree in engineering physics, laser and optics concentration. I want to enroll for master degree, and I want to have a job in business companies, not research lab or university. So what are the best choices for master (is it okay for universities to accept a student with EP bachelor degree for master of business or CS) ? and what are my career opportunities?
    And is it logical to enroll Business programs (like business analytic or other business fields of study for master) without any background in business only with EP bachelor degree?
    Thanks for your help
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    You didn't mention that your bachelor curriculum was cooperative. You should have choosen a cooperative curriculum (which includes some paid work at the workplace) organised by the industry and mostly by the university. You don't mention what specific job or position you desire at your entrring the business compoany: nor how many years or months will pass before you again will radically change your plan of carreer. Either a salesman, a buyer, a director of staff, a counselor in investment, research& development, or else. Not many people have the EP bachelor degree and before the students complete it, some employers cantact the universuty to have an interview with them. Did you neglect this fonction of your university? You don't mention in what kind of business you want to work. You probably want to work in an office with single female staff; so get a job for Bell Telephone or another public service companies, and stop thinking MBA or MCommerce holders have better opprtunities and bigger salaries. You could read books then pass some exams, in order to prepare yourself for working as a junior assistant in an office of patents/inventions agents (who will tell you what to read and what foreign language to learn a bit).
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