What is Job opportunities: Definition and 55 Discussions

A job attitude is a set of evaluations of one's job that constitute one's feelings toward, beliefs about, and attachment to one's job. Overall job attitude can be conceptualized in two ways. Either as affective job satisfaction that constitutes a general or global subjective feeling about a job, or as a composite of objective cognitive assessments of specific job facets, such as pay, conditions, opportunities and other aspects of a particular job. Employees evaluate their advancement opportunities by observing their job, their occupation, and their employer.

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  1. T

    Job Skills Possibilities of a Career in Physics/Engineering

    I live in the SF Bay Area. I graduated in 2019 with a B.S. in Engineering Physics from UC Berkeley. My college experience began with me failing to actually sign up for orientation, and then contracting tonsillitis which lasted my entire first semester. The combination of these two things...
  2. Maddy467

    Schools Which University should I go to for my undergrad in physics?

    I'm an international student. I've been accepted into Stony Brook (NY), Rutgers-New Brunswick (NJ), University of Arizona and Iowa State University. (all with decent scholarships... amounts in increasing order with Stony Brook costing me the most) I'm really confused about the first 3. All of...
  3. R

    Math Job opportunities USA that combine data science with physics

    Hello, I am a Belgian master in physics and astronomy with a couple of years of working experience under his belt, who recently decided to obtain a second master in statistics. Normally I should graduate in 2020. My goal is to become a data scientist, but preferably within a scientific context...
  4. Kochia

    Job Skills Career advice for a nuclear postdoc?

    Hi! I am on my way to complete a two-year postdoc. I have BSc, MSc and PhD in nuclear engineering. My research focuses are severe accident analysis, thermal-hydraulics and CFD. Since it is very likely that my current employer cannot ensure a future temporary/permanent position, I am looking for...
  5. Pi Pie

    Math Maximizing Employability with a Master's Degree After 30

    Hi, everyone. Here I am, once again, full of uncertainty as for my future. I've previously stated my situation in another thread so this time I'm going straight to the point. If all ends meet I'll be acquiring my Master's degree in applied and computational mathematics at the age of 32...
  6. twist.1995

    Programs Should I or Should I not pursue a postgraduate degree in physics

    Hello! I am studying Physics and Electronic and Communications Engineering double major. I really enjoy studying physics, and find it fascinating to manipulate difficult formulas that describe natural phenomena. However, I am concerned that there are far more engineering jobs out there than...
  7. TBert

    Job opportunities for CE and EE

    I am looking to major in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering and wanted to learn more about the majors. What I am most interested in is what job opportunities are available after college for each of the majors. From the research I have done it seems like EE (in Ohio) mostly do control...
  8. Will K

    Physics Pursuing a PhD in Astrophysics - Is it Worth It?

    I am a sophomore in High School, and I am considering getting a PhD in astrophysics. Is a PhD worth it? Also, what job opportunities will be available to me? Thanks for any feedback : )
  9. Janan

    Other Minor in Cs vs Minor in Busieness

    Hi I am studying physics, and now considering the idea of taking a minor, my question is whether preferred to take minor in computer science or business ad. As for job opportunities. Thanks
  10. S

    Programs What is the best master's degree?

    Hi, I have my bachelor degree in engineering physics, laser and optics concentration. I want to enroll for master degree, and I want to have a job in business companies, not research lab or university. So what are the best choices for master (is it okay for universities to accept a student with...
  11. I

    Engineering What Are the Job Prospects and Work Environment for Renewable Energy Engineers?

    hello everyone, I just need some advice from others right now, so I'm going into the field of renewable energy engineering. more importantly I just wanted to know about the job prospects, where it could be in the years to come,job settings ( what would be the environment I would work in ?). and...
  12. CaptainAtom1996

    Engineering Engineering Science job opportunities?

    Hi, I was curious what job opportunities someone who majored in engineering science (engineering physics) has after graduation (bachelors)? What opportunities in general are available after they graduate? And, what the demand is for someone with this degree is?
  13. W

    Advice/opinion on job opportunities based on country

    hello! I'm at my 6th sem(doing my internship semester) of my engineering studies in Mechanical Engineering (major Automotive) in an University of Applied Science in Germany. I'll be doing my thesis writing at my university next semester and considering to continue my Masters in either Mechanical...
  14. M

    Job opportunities? Tricky background situation

    Hi there, So I have a tricky situation. I've recently graduated with a psychology degree but I've been going back to school to pursue a higher education in physics so far its going well. But my current job situation is absolutely nothing related to the field (just something to pay those schools...
  15. X

    New guy here looking for advice

    Hello everyone, Just saying what's up. I guess if I'm posting in here I'll ask something and see what happens. Anyone think its possible to get an associates degree in mechanical engineering, then go straight into finding ways to get experience and work up from there and still be successful...
  16. F

    Is an Astrophysics Degree a Practical Choice for My Career?

    I'm going to go straight to the point, I LOVE astrophysics, I've been interested in astrophysics for quite a few years now and I'm thinking of doing my EPQ on astrophysics as well. This was until my parents pointed out that employability for an astrophysics degree(I want to do masters) is...
  17. J

    Engineering How hard to get an entry chemical engineering position?

    I am a nontraditional applicant with a bachelor's degree in neuroscience. I am almost finished a master's degree in chemical engineering, but many jobs that I wish to apply to have a "bachelor's of engineering" as a requirement. And a master's as only a "preference." Would these companies still...
  18. L

    Does University matter for research positions?

    Hi, I am approaching my A-levels in 1 time (currently in Year 11) , and so I would have to pick my A-level subjects which will then lead me on to my University (2 years later). I am practically obsessed with Theoretical Physics and I have already learned high-level mathematics and so on, not to...
  19. Domenico94

    Learning Java and C++ for Job Opportunities

    Hi everyone... I'm a communication system engineering student and in my university we use studying Java. Now, for this summer, when I ll have free time, I was thinking about doing some practice with programming and maybe studying a new language, such C++( it s still a widesprrad language and I...
  20. R

    Engineering What are career options for an Electronics Engineer?

    Hello everyone, I am from India and studying Electronics Engineering. But i don't have much idea about career options available for an Electronics engineer. So can anybody give me guideline about What are career options for an Electronics Engineer? What kind of jobs are available in the...
  21. TranscedentKid

    Jobs combining medicine, nanotech, and cybernetics?

    My interests lie in what is apparently coming next-- the future of nanotech, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and the "transhuman" era. My family has been encouraging me to go pre-med-- people will always need a doctor. However, I've learned that in Med school, there isn't much of an...
  22. A

    Engineering Areas of electrical engineering with the most potential

    I'm currently a second-year electrical engineering major (in the US). Next semester I'll begin to take almost exclusively classes involving different branches of electrical engineering. I've taken two digital design courses, a course on microprocessors, and I'm currently on my second "circuits...
  23. G

    Engineering Nuclear Engineer with B.S. in Physics?

    I have a B.S. in physics. Am I qualified for entry-level jobs in nuclear engineering?
  24. H

    Future as a programmer, job prospects?

    Hello, I would like to get your opinion on moving into programming. Basically, I want job security and the ability to work just about anywhere there are jobs. I've considered taking a job as a programmer, but I would like to know what you suspect the job prospects are for such position? From...
  25. M

    Exploring Nuclear Fusion: Challenges, Degrees, Books and Job Opportunities

    After long thinking I decided that I want to do either engineering or science. I am not really interested in one specific field in science but I am more interested in what field is more useful, active and revolutionary. I became very interested in quantum computing but I lost interest since it...
  26. B

    What are the job prospects for physics graduates in industry?

    I would like to know what physics related jobs are there in industry that a physics graduate has a good chance of getting? Also what kind of things can you do to maximise your chances of working in something physics related after your degree as opposed to doing something in programming or finance?
  27. E

    Which undergrad major provides more job opportunities?

    Applied math or Engineering (including various disciplines...). what job options cross over between the 2 and which don't. Thank you!
  28. J

    Job Opportunities in Astrophysics/astronomy vs. Aero/Mech Engineering

    Like the title says, what are the job opportunities in Astrophysics compared to Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering? I would ideally like to go into astrophysics, but I am unsure of the job opportunities once I get out of school. I know that there are jobs at NASA, universities, etc. but are...
  29. M

    Which engineering field has more job opportunities?

    I've gotten accepted to a university for Engineering Physics. I plan on going there in September; I also heard that you can switch from Engineering physics to electrical engineering after first year without having to take any "missed" courses. Basically my question is which field has jobs of...
  30. Doofy

    Escape UK: Seeking Physics Job Opportunities in a Beautiful Location

    I've lived in the UK all my life and I'm sick of it, sick of the weather, sick of the people, sick of the culture, sick of the long hours and stressing over irrelevant bull. I'm 24, male if it matters, I have nothing really holding me back apart from having family & friend here, and I want to...
  31. V

    Physics What Career Paths Are Available for Physics Majors Outside Academia?

    I'm currently studying Electrical Engineering, but I like Physics a lot more. The only reason I didn't initially major in Physics was that Engineering was much more employable. This may not be a great question, but what opportunities are available to someone who has a masters degree or higher in...
  32. M

    Programs PhD Title and job opportunities

    Hey Guys. Long time lurker here :P I have a question about PhD titles. I am a mathematician. I did my undergraduate degree (BSc) in Mathematics and my postgraduate degree (MSc) in Applied Mathematics, i am now looking at doing a PhD. I found an interesting PhD in next generation...
  33. Z

    Schools Non-prestigous schools and job opportunities

    I am currently a Music major at Metropolitan State College of Denver. I am considering switching my major to physics but I am wondering if where you get your bachelor's has an effect on you likely-hood to get a job/go to graduate school. Also, How is the job market for physicists? I don't...
  34. D

    Applied Physics Job Opportunities?

    I am a high school senior, and currently trying to figure out what to do next as far as my education goes. I'm very interested in Physics, as I love learning how the things I often take for granted work. A school I applied for has not only Physics, but also Applied Physics. Are the job...
  35. K

    Job Opportunities in IT for Americans in SE Michigan

    I have a son who is an Oracle data-base designer. He tells me that there is virtually no unemployment for Americans who have IT (Information Technology) skills. He has talked with many firms that do placement in the IT field, and they maintain that they can go more than a year without getting...
  36. Simfish

    Job opportunities at all career stages for geoscientists is on the rise

    http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v473/n7346/full/nj7346-243a.html Hmm, what percent of these jobs will be in the private sector, and what percent in the public sector? I'd be concerned about anything in the public sector since the Republicans can easily take it away when they win control...
  37. B

    Make these physics fields according to decreasing in job opportunities?

    Hey all.Could anyone please make this list according to decreasing in job opportunities after PHD, at least up to 5? Full list would be fantastic! 1.Acoustics 2.Astronomy 3.Astrophysics 4.Atomic physics 5.Bio physics 6.Chaos 7.Chemical Physics 8.Computational Physics 9.Cosmology 10.Cryophysics...
  38. B

    Engineering Exploring Mechanical Engineering: Pros, Cons, and Job Opportunities

    I'm currently a senior in high school who is wondering about the difference between some fields of engineering. I'm taking AP Calculus, and AP physics. Mechanical Engineering is my top choice as of right now I'm wondering what the pros and cons of the job is, as well as the difficulty of the...
  39. E

    Engineering Job opportunities for biomedical engineers?

    Hello all! I recently graduated with a BS in physics and I will be entering a PhD program for biomedical engineering this upcoming Fall. I have several questions about the professional careers of biomedical engineers, though: 1) Where are BME PhDs typically employed? I would guess they're...
  40. C

    Post-Graduate Physics Job Opportunities (Primarily UK)

    I had thought about lecturing, but I don't want to have to compete with the hundreds of graduates that are thinking the same thing. I'm thinking about a MPhys in Theoretical Physics (could switch to straight if it'll increase my employability) at either UCL or University Of Manchester...
  41. B

    Physics Which physics area has most job opportunities

    Hello! I am going to start my undergraduate degree in next year after that i need to do a job due to my financial problems.So if you can please tell which of following physics course has most job opportunities and please list them according to highest to lowest. 1.Theoretical...
  42. R

    Physics Job Opportunities After B.Sc. in Physics

    So I was checking out employment opportunities after doing a B.Sc. in Physics, because as someone who is 24 years old and now seriously contemplating a second undergraduate degree (this time in Physics), I need to know what kind of job could I realistically hope to get, should I decide to get...
  43. R

    Physics Graduates: Job Opportunities Beyond Research and Engineering?

    I read a thread from a year or so ago. About research and engineering jobs being outsourced and what not. To be "greedy" americans when the most life changing research comes around, won't we want to be taking credit for it? Anyway, What branch (if any) deals with the construction and...
  44. S

    Programs Advice on Physics Degrees & Job Opportunities

    I just transfer into a Physics Major. I was wondering if anyone has any advice about completing the B.A degree and masters and/or Ph.D. Also, what are the jobs available in each degree for Physics? Thank you.
  45. B

    Job opportunities with a Physics Masters

    Hi. I'm thinking of getting into computational science / scientific computing. If anyone here works in the industry and would like to tell me about their work (now or in the past) I'd appreciate it. Even if you don't work in the field, but have a computational science related degree, I'd love...
  46. M

    Job opportunities with theoretical solid state/condensed matter

    i really enjoy my physics and applied math classes and wish to pursue a career that uses them, while also staying employable at teh same tiem. i hate experiments so i don't want to be an experimentalist or engineer, unless the engineering is theoretical. i know there's plenty of...
  47. M

    Math and Mechanics: Job Opportunities Await

    Good day I have a question about the spesialations in ME. What should you go into if you'd like a job where you use a lot of math and mechanics, and can do a lot of calculations and analysis?
  48. P

    What Job Prospects Exist for Pure Math Majors?

    i have quite a few questions regarding getting jobs for math majors. I'm having a lot of difficulty in deciding whether to major in math or physics. i really enjoyed my proofbased linear algebra class but didnt like my complex analysis class if you get a math b.s., with say a 3.0gpa, how easy...
  49. M

    Explore Joint Honours & Math/Physics Programs: Job Opportunities

    Is it better to do a joint honours degree in physics and math or a honours degree in math and a minor in physics? Joint Honours Course Schedule: http://www.math.mcmaster.ca/prospective/Prospective%20Students/mathphysics.pdf Applied Mathematics Specialization Course Schedule...
  50. S

    Programs Job opportunities after doing phd physics

    hello, i m a foreign national from turkey. i am planning to opt for M.S and later phd in physics from a U.S.A university. i wanted to know :- 1) do you have to pay to do M.S/phd or is there any scholarship/stipend programme available.(and if any stipend is...