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What is the best webhost for personal website?

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    I would like to have my website but I do not know how where to look for a host?
    Since I am new with this I would like to be easy to manage and also to not bee that expensive.
    I want to do it by myself.
    If you have any advice please do not hesitate to share that here.
    Thank you!
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    It depends whether you are serving static or dynamic content.

    http://sites.google.com/" [Broken]is good (for static) - free.

    Most charge like +16 $ per year ... (if you want to a server and dynamic content)
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    I am afraid I do not understand what does mean "static or dynamic content"
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    Dynamic content might be something that is generated using server-side scripting such as PHP or ASP. These forums, for example, access a large database based on what variables we give it (e.g. thread #, post#) that contains a data structure that holds every forum post, so they're considered dynamic. A webpage that is written using html and javascript (for example) might be what rootX considers static.
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    thank you
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    I use http://tophostingcenter.com/rudolf.html", they have a deal where you pay once, and you get hosting for life, I believe this includes a domain name (I transferred my domain I already had). I realize "for life" is really for the life of that company, but I've had mine for over a year and they are still around.

    If I didn't have this I'd probably use https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/services/hosting.php" [Broken]. They charge based on what you use, and if it's a low traffic site you'll likely pay less than a dollar a year.
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    Oxygenne, did you ever get your website up and running?

    My advice might be a little late, but I wanted to add my two cents.

    Most ISPs offer some personal web space to their customers; perhaps your ISP does too. If your site is pretty basic, that might be sufficient. Especially if you are just starting out as a webmaster. In this case, you might also consider one of the free hosting sites. Or perhaps one of the free blogging services might work for you; even if your site is not a blog, if your material can fit into the blog's format, it would save you the expense of starting your own site for a while.

    As your site grows, and your webmastering skills develop, and you decide you want the site to become more sophisticated, then you could take the next step: purchasing a domain and selecting a host.
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    DuncanM Thank you for your piece of advice!
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