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I What is the correct collision formula in this scenario?

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    I am working on a simple space game, and I am having trouble figuring out how to do collisions correctly; things bounce in the wrong direction or just get stuck together. Here are the things that are given:
    • Direction of objects A + B in degrees
    • Speed of objects A + B in meters per second
    • Mass of objects A + B in kilograms
    • The material of A + B (any properties of that material)
    The collision is in two dimensions, and it is not always going to be head on. What is the formula that I need to simulate the objects colliding?

    On a related note: how would I calculate if the objects should spin due to the collision?
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    Thanks! I had been looking for something like that for days. I'll post back here if I have any other problems.

    if I use this and break the final velocities into their x and y components, would I get the desired result?
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