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What is the oldest text/email you still have on your phone

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    bought my current phone in December 2013 , and the earliest text i can find still on there is from feb 25 2014
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    I go back to 2011
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    I think the last text my phone received, was printed on it, at the factory.

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    Mine goes back to 2014 at least..
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    There's some from 2013 that still make me smile, so not that old :P
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    If you're talking about texts, I make a regular habit of deleting them from any individual once it reaches a certain threshold # (usually after a 100 texts). So I rarely have any texts that are older than a week or 2 at most.

    The situation is different for e-mails (which aren't necessarily linked to my phone) -- I have some e-mails that date back to 2010, and I've saved some e-mails in archives that date back to 2009.
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