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What is the oldest thing you have in your house?

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    the oldest thing i have is a cook book that i have had since 1990/2000 , also have school reports from primary school so 2001/2002 , also have my high school reports from 2004 and a cook book they give you in high school from 2004.
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    I'm pretty sure it is me.
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    A fossil that must be in the 100 million year range.
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    I'll see your fossil and raise you all the matter of everything I own, which is probably as old as the Universe itself.
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    I have an 1851 edition of a school boys Latin-English dictionary.
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    Yep, me too
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    I have some Roman coins.
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    Probably some really cool rocks that I have picked up off the ground or dug up from a nearby railroad cut: North Carolina citrines, smoky quartz, rose quartz, some really pretty granites and some other really interesting rocks. Mostly metamorphic.

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    I could have sworn I had some hydrogen atoms lying around ... Of course, it is difficult to tell if they are really that old or if they are just recent copies from cosmic rays ...
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    House: 180 years old
    Fabric of house: granite stones, 400 Ma
    Content natural: Lewisian gneiss samples, approximately 2,500 Ma
    Content manufactured: the 10th Edition of Darwin's Journal During the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle Round the World, and The French Revolution by Thomas Carlyle, both published in 1891.
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    I have a few things that are older than I am:
    • A book on differential equations with a copyright date of 1897 (1904 printing)
    • A Boy Scout handbook from about 1920
    • An "regulator"-style clock that my wife got from her father - no telling how old that thing is
    My oldest motorcycle is a bit younger than I am, 1946 Harley Davidson WL
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    I'm sure I have some US coins that are almost 100 years old.
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    I have some old coins, but other than those, I'm the oldest thing in the house - well except for the house itself.
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    I'm afraid for me, it's just cockroaches. I mean, not these in particular, but they've been around for 320 million years or so!
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    Being every thing made of atoms, everything of house would extend back to the existence of earth which is origin of every matter.. Even before the earth it was the part of sun..
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    I have some native American stone artifacts. Spear point and some arrowheads. They are tucked away in a sturdy safe - not that thieves would have any clue what they are.
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    yup likewise :smile:
    will see if I can "dig" them up for a photo

    here is one of the older fossils from my collection
    A trilobite from ~ 350 Ma


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    I have a 3 cent Victoria coin from 1889, but I can't find any information about it.
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    ahhh found them :)

  21. Apr 6, 2015 #20
    The oldest thing I have in our house is a cassette player from my aunt during 80's.
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