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What is the physical meaning for time?

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    i know that day is rotation of earth about it axis
    and year is rotation of earth about the sun , the time connected with rotation
    my question is when remove the rotation we don t get the time?
    so don t be found the time?
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    i think day and night ... months days and hours is like a scale for time ...but i say that time exist like an example let's say we have no night we have anly days ... if we do something and after an hour we regret it ....here we wis hthat time can get back ...but it won't ...it do not have relation with day or night
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    Time is an attempt at placing objectivity on our perception of the way the universe appears to progress from one event to another, it is not entirely abritrary, and is based on the rotation and passage of the Earth about it's sun. It is in essence entirely a concept and has no physical attribute except when it is placed in abstraction. So for example I might grow old(physical abstraction) And time may pass, but what is passing is not a physical particle or anything it's just a consequence of the way matter appears to interact in the universe and proceed to act, and we base the consequences of this action in reality by callling it time.

    EDIT: you could call time lubs, quorks and fligs and have each relative to the rotation of two binary stars and it would not in anyway effect how time progresses, time just is time.

    there are things that will change the progression of time as percieved by an observer and someone else, but that's not what you asked :smile:
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    so was i right?by my meaning for time
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    I'm not sure what you were saying, but if it's the same as what I said then yes :smile: To be honest saying anything more than what I just said will put this thread into the realms of philosophy. Check out that sub section if you want a logical analysis of time without scientific rigor.
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    Consider this, the unit of time is the second. A second is defined as the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom.

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    Time is another dimension besides length, width, and height, which allows you to define the position of an event/object in the universe.

    Days, minutes, seconds, etc. are units of time, just as meters and inches are units of length. When the King died, "length" didn't cease to exist because there was no longer a foot with which to measure it, and time doesn't require the earth's rotation to exist either.

    Ranger posted the units of time, here's the definition of time itself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time
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