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Homework Help: What is the projectile's launch speed?

  1. Sep 26, 2009 #1
    I though i was starting to understand but now i dont know anymore.. so please help! i have tried to figure it out myself .. but i just dont know where to start

    1.A bullet is fired from a rifle that is held 1.6m above the ground in a horizontal position. The initial speed of the bullet is 1100 m/s. Find (a) the time it takes the for the bullet to strike the ground and (b) the horizontal distance traveled by the bullet.

    2.A baseball is hit into the air at an initial speed of 36.6m/s and an angle of 50.0 degrees about the horizontal. at the same time, the center fielder starts running away from the batter, and he catches the ball 0.914 m above the level at which it was hit. if the center fielder is initially 1.10x10^2 from the plate, what must be his average speed?\

    3.The highest barrier that a projectile can clear is 13.5 m, when the projectile is launched at an angle of 15.0 degrees above the horizontal. What is the projectile's launch speed?

    i would appreciate any help at all... even if its just a hint on how to get started on these questions! thanks!
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