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What is the rules regarding convergence of a Fourier series?

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    If you are given part of a period of a Function, what rules would you apply to draw out the full function, so that it converges as quickly as possible as a Fourier series?

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    If you only know one part of the period, then there is no way to "draw out the full function." You need at least one full period for that.
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    Your question is pretty vague. But if, for example, you have the function defined on (0,p) and you wish to choose between the odd and even extension to (-p,0) to use a half-range expansion, if one of those choices gives a continuous function and the other has a jump discontinuity, the continuous one would be preferred.

    Generally, the smoother the function, the quicker the FS converges.
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    What kind of convergence are we assuming L2[a,b], etc?
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