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I What is the volime of a k-state?

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    In free gas model, the vector k=π*n/L, and the volume of a k-vector is (2π)^3/V.
    But I don´t understand the meaning of the volume. Why could a vector have a volume? What is the meaning of it?
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    "quantum" of the phase space, 4c08301fca6e4c550c98b44938138143.png . In 3 dimension,

    actually the quantum encloses a volume element in phase space and V is the volume spanned by the wave vector
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    It comes from how many "k"'s you can fit in a given box, or length, or.... At least I believe that's what you're referring to. From this information, you can effectively figure out the "volume" of a k-vector. It seems rather counter intuitive.
    They somewhat touch on it here:
    and I'll probably botch the explanation, but you can see it in action in the link above.
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    Thanks a lot!
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