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What is the work done by friction?

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    A flight attendant pulls her 70.0 N flight bag a distance of 269 m along a level airport floor at a constant speed. The force she exerts is 32.0 N at an angle of 52.0° above the horizontal.

    (a) Find the work she does on the flight bag.

    (b) Find the work done by the force of friction on the flight bag.

    (c) Find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the flight bag and the floor.


    i found (a) by using W=fdCos, 32.0 x 269 x Cos(25) = 5299 J

    but for part (b) and (c) i cannot understand what formula to use or how to find an answer for that matter
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    Drawing a FBD and remembering the above quote will lead you to a solution.
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