What is this algebra problem, and how do I solve it ?

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Homework Statement

[PLAIN]http://www.myalgebra.com/math_image.aspx?p=(SMB02FSMB03zxySMB10zSMB02fSMB03)(SMB02FSMB03zSMB02ESMB032SMB02eSMB03ySMB10xSMB02fSMB03)(SMB02FSMB03zSMB10ySMB02ESMB032SMB02eSMB03SMB02fSMB03)?p=123?p=42 [Broken]
I have this question in my SAT prep book, but it just tells me to solve it. I think it's an expression, but what kind of expression is it? on the answers, it says the solution is z3. I haven't the slightest clue where to even start on this problem, or what to do..

Homework Equations

What is this problem called?
What steps can I take to solve it?

The Attempt at a Solution

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I believe it wants you to simplify the expression by multiplying and canceling exponents.