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What is this instrument called? - Photoptics

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    It's a spectrograph but not used for chemical analysis in the lab, the receptor is loose and can be used for analyzing the spectral output of a source.

    It's not a photometer, that's either the receiver alone or tends to work at only one frequency.

    I've seen them labeled as spectrographs, but that's pulling up a whole load of bench top sample analyzers for chemists.

    Loose receiver that will give me a spectrum.

    Thanks for any help!
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    It's a spectrometer (or spectrograph or spectroscope = same thing ) something like this http://fiberopticspectrometer.com/ [Broken]
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    I'm looking at some labeled as spectrographs as well. Is there any terminology I can use to bias my searches towards the none chemistry version?

    I guess the majority of them use fibers to get the light back to the grating and diodes, so fiber spectrometer might be a good start.
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    fibre-fed or oem spectrograph ?
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