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What is this website?

  1. Nov 2, 2014 #1
    I'm looking for certain photographs, and I was linked to this mysterious website and told that I would find what I'm looking for there.

    But I'm not sure if I was deliberately given a phony link, this website is of questionable legitimacy. Could someone look into this website and verify it's legitimacy or tell me if it's just a dead end that was given to confuse and misdirect me?

    It has said "sorry, we're over capacity" for several weeks now, which leads me to believe that "instinctivenavigation" is not a real website.

    This appears to be some sort under construction landing page, but I can't be entirely sure.

    Will this website be back online at the time in the future?


    Does the above link seem legit to you?
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    The URL under the link you provided links to what looks like a specific user port folio. Nonetheless, the instinctivenavigation.com link does the same thing as you describe.

    Googling 'instinctive navigation' shows a single hit.

    whois.com turns up a few deets:

    They have some more in-depth info, here:

    No reason to suspect weirdness, probably someone registered the name and haven't built it yet.

    I think the key question here is: who pointed you at this URL, and why?
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    I work as a professional photographer in the fashion/modeling industry and I'm looking for a specific model's portfolio because I am interested in working with her.

    Someone closely associated with that model linked me to her portfolio and told me that's where she used to keep it, but the website provided to me in the link doesn't seem to work, at least not for now.

    Do you think it will be back online sometime in the future? Or will it just say "we're over capacity" indefinitely?
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    Doesn't someone "closely associated" with her know the name of her agent?
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    How would we know if the owner of that site plans on putting it back online sometime in the future? The message on the page indicates that it will be back, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Our guess is as good as yours.

    And why would you not contact whomever is "closely associated with that model" to find out more information. The site that was given to you is obviously not functional at this time.
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    Oh. It's not the website you're interested in, it's that model.

    No way to know.

    I wouldn't hold my breath. The ways this would be a permanent state far outnumber the ways this would change in the near future.
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    The person who gave me that link is a rival photographer of mine and we have a very bad and shaky relationship.

    I wonder if I was intentionally given bum info.
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    You may have been given bum info in that the model may now be using some OTHER URL and your rival knows that but gave you the old one on purpose.
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    I am just hoping that "instinctivenavigation" will start working again.

    Checking the IP address of that website says that it's been around since 2012.
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    Surely, for a professional photographer such as yourself, there are more direct routes to connecting with a model, or model's agent, to inquire about working with them.

    If this dead site is your only link to her, perhaps it's time to refresh your networking contacts so you can get introduced to her properly.

    Actually, re-reading your OP, you say you are "looking for certain photographs". Do you want to work with this model, or are you merely looking to get hold of some existing pictures of her that are of some special interest to you? As I said, surely there are more industry-standard ways to contact people professionally.

    (I have a friend who told me she was a Victoria's Secret model many years ago. I'm intrigued to see her in such a different light, but have not tracked her port folio down. Then again, if she wanted me to see those old pics, she would have showed them to me herself.)
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