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Homework Help: What is wrong with this equation ?

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    A block of mass m1 ϭ 2.00 kg and a block of mass
    m 2 ϭ 6.00 kg are connected by a massless string over a pul-
    ley in the shape of a solid disk having radius R ϭ 0.250 m
    and mass M ϭ 10.0 kg. These blocks are allowed to move
    on a fixed block-wedge of angle ␪ ϭ 30.0° as in Figure
    P10.37. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.360 for both
    blocks. Draw free-body diagrams of both blocks and of the
    pulley. Determine (a) the acceleration of the two blocks
    and (b) the tensions in the string on both sides of the

    [PLAIN]http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/9199/36360522.jpg [Broken]

    (m1 + m2)a = m2gSin30 - [tex]\mu[/tex]m1g - [tex]\mu[/tex]m2gcos30

    what is wrong with this equation ?
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    You neglect the momentum of inertia of the pulley.
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