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What kind of itterations was done here

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    Hello , in the attached photo there is a an examle in which we want a 20dB coupling with 1dB ripple, so Cmax is -19 and Cmin is -21.
    in the marked table in red they do a "trial and error"' itterations

    what kind of itterations?, why they pick each time a different C_max?
    C max is -19 dB which is 0.112202
    C max and Cmin are given to us from the question

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    ok they pick combinations of C1 and C2 , for what purpose?

    in the solution they say
    that at minimum point:




    there are lots of combinations for C_1 and C_2 to match eq1. how do i test a combination to see that it fits?
    what is the addional criteria for C1 and C2 to fit?
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