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What subject am I looking for?

  1. Sep 23, 2015 #1
    Hello. I recently asked a question about attending a grad school for logic, but now I am not so sure. I am trying to find a certain math field. As background, I am a university student. I really enjoy all math subjects equally, and to find what subject to go into, I wanted to go into the field that had what I thought were interesting applications. I really like the subjects of artificial intelligence/consciousness and just general modelling of consciousness like neural networks. At first, I was led to believe that mathematical logic would be the field, but various things like the proposed in-computability of consciousness (due to self-referential properties etc) made me reconsider. On the other hand, one article was saying about how researchers at Vanderbilt found graph theory necessary in modeling, so I am a little split. I would like to stay within mathematics, I like the theory and want to work in the theory. The only subject that I'm not as fond of is statistics. Can anyone help me. Sorry for this terribly written post (in an extreme rush). Thanks in advance for any response.
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    If you care about applications, don't go into a pure math field like logic or graph theory. You might want to go into applied math, or find something interdisciplinary which allows you to work with actual neurologists or psychologists.
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    Hmm, well I very do much enjoy pure mathematics. I understand the whole "do math for it's own sake." I'm sorry if this is confusing (I'm very unclear alot of the time), but I just wanted a way to help actually decide which areas to go into. I am very much a theory enthusiast. o0)
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    Have you looked into theoretical computer science? I don't know much about what they do, but it seems similar to your interests.
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    No, I have not looked into computer science. I would very much like to stay within the realm of mathematics. I'm just incredibly indecisive within it, and in choosing a field.
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    Pick Something! You like Mathematics and want to "stay within Mathematics", and you like both theory and want to find or see applications. Study as much Mathematics as you can at the university and include some courses on Computer Science, Engineering, and Physics. Make adjusted goal decisions as you go.
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