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What temperature does molten corium burn at?

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    What temperature (in Fahrenheit) does molten corium burn at?

    Anything hot enough to burn through thick layers of steel and concrete must be insanely hot.

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    Your question is unclear. What is "corium"?

    My bad - should have used Google :(
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    Why would one expect corium to burn?

    UO2 melts around 2800°C. Steel melts at around 1450-1500°C. Iron oxide has a melting temperature of 1377 °C. Corium would probably be somewhere in between. Metals may flow below melting temperature.

    Some folks assume 3000°C, and others state 3000 K. The latter would be a better upper limit.

    The situation is complicated with eutectic reactions.

    And of course, it depends on the presence of coolant (water) and the pressure, which would provide some means of heat transfer.
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