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What to choose for my master degree?

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    There something that I don't know when I was first in the college such as double major maybe a bad idea, since we can not work for both. And shifting major took time...Now

    I'm going to graduate in BS electrical engineering next semester. Now I consider going to master's degree.

    After 3 years in University ( only spend 3.5 year for BS EE degree), I realize that electrical engineering is not really a major for me, since out of school, I often do some coding for website or interest in learning programming. ( I guess web developer is for me)

    Through out all the coursework that I do in EE, the one I'm interested in learning are : C programming, digital design ( nand gate, nor gate circuit), verilog HDL language, Matlab, and some low level couse circuit such as Basic Circuit Analysis. It seems that I love some kind of programming language.

    I don't know why I only love those low level coursework, one of the reason that I may think of, is because all my professor for higher level class (300 level or higher) are bad - means they don't know how to teach such as setting and proof the equation and by magic to get the the solution, a lot of my professor does not speak English also:cry:. I'm really tired to go over the entire book in order to pass those classes with high grade. Taking 5 classes each semester and have to read 5 or more books entirely is ridiculous.

    This makes me no longer interested in EE since I can not teach myself everything.

    Most of the time, it is hard to learn EE alone, but it is easier with CS courses I think since I have some interest doing it outside class.

    So, I wonder if I can take master's degree in CS based on BS. in EE deree? For my last semester - next semester, I'm going to take java language programming in CS department and another CS course if possible.(planning to take minor CS since second semester of junior, but course conflict, and now, I don't have any CS course yet, still have 1 semester yet)

    If I take master's degree in CS, how long would it take me extra for this shift? What should I learn to prepare for this to make it shorter ( faster to graduate).

    If I still want to take Master degree in EE, As you see, I love programming and especially about coding website (you can say it is a hobby). What direction my Master degree point to?

    Please give me some advise and thing related to this especially, the work environment after college. If I am EE, and I want to work on coding part. Is that a good idea? I know that verilog HDL also a programming language for hardware. If people take that job, do they just write the code only or do they do other stuff?

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    I only know, from surveying CS programs, they mostly prefer students who took undergrad courses such as algorithm, programming languages, compilers, etc. Some universities, such as U of Texas, may waive these requirements if you have high enough CS GRE score. The exact undergrad degree doesn't seem very important.

    Since you're still in school, it's probably better to survey CS programs now and plan to take courses accordingly. If one semester isn't enough to take all the courses, taking the CS GRE test is a good idea.
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    But you probably won't do all that well on the GRE without those courses. (It's a lot to learn on your own, and everybody wants to see >700). Some schools ('specially the big public ones) let you take some undergrad courses to get up to speed before taking the grad courses, and will probably take an EE if your grades are good. You'll probably end up tacking on anywhere from a semester to a year extra for catch up.

    You may want to do a masters in EE specializing in digital hardware design, which is basically computer engineering. Sometimes the professors get better at a masters level (not really true, but hope is good), or try a different school. You probably would have been happier as a compE, oh well.
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    Thank you for your comment. I will keep my eyes on it.
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