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What to study in college: Astrophysics or Nuclear Physics?

  1. Aug 8, 2012 #1
    I'm currently trying to figure out which field of Physics I should study. I have a huge interest in learning Astrophysics and am open to learning about nuclear physics. My current college has a great program for studying Nuclear Physics and numerous internship and research possibilities for undergrad students. For Astrophysics, my college doesn't have as many opportunities, but from what I have already studied and researched further, I'm far more interested in, and for internships, my college has a few positions for NASA, along with a few other internships available for this area. I'm tied between both of these areas to study and even though either way still shows Physics Major on my degree, I'm not sure what area to go into as I know they can be extremely different.
    Also on a side note, since the Physics department is small I can potentially get a dual major in Physics and Chemistry (if I were to go into nuclear physics) and if Astro, I'd focus on the Major requirements and what other science electives my advisor recommends me to take for astro, like computer science courses my college offers.
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    Simon Bridge

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    1. not every paper you take need be part of your major
    2. you should always do whatever you find the most fulfilling
    2.1 if there is something you find easy and the people around you seem to struggle at it - focus on that.

    From your description you should do astro ... but to be sure, go to a party and see which field you can engage people in about for the longest.
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    You can do nuclear astrophysics.
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