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What will be the after effects of the suns polar magnetic shifts?

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    Which should happen around December 2012 according to NASA. From what I have read this could be the end of the world and a beginning of new.
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    We're going into a solar maximum, which could lead to large, damaging solar storms. The end of the world is not a risk of this. You're throwing a conspiracy theory in there.
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    I don't see the conspiracy theory anywhere my friend. If you're speaking of September 11th, notice how I said nothing about the government planning anything. That is not what I was referring to. I was referring to the conscious and subconscious means by which we could have united as a collectivity. Personally, I am not sure if I believe the government did plan it out. Possibly. I wouldn't put much past our leaders these days. Regardless, it was what we could have done vs. What we did not do.

    With that said, solar storms, again, like I said before, would not be the cause of the conscious shift. The conscious shift is a product of our own making as well as a destiny in the spiritual evolution of All. Thus our choice in deciding whether the conscious shift would come about in either a positive or negative manner.

    Everyone has a choice of how they accept things; that's free will. However, that does not mean that certain things are not Fated and scripted out to happen.

    Again, the solar storms are not the cause of any such conscious shift. They are simply a reminder and a marking point that it is coming.
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    Well, this has nothing to do with cosmology!

    Again, as russ said, you appear to simply be spouting some conspiracy theory here. How about you show us a reputable source stating that the suns magnetic polar shift will trigger the end of the world.
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    It's funny how some people just love to misinterpret scientific data to make it say or predict whatever they want :


    1. the sun's magnetic polarshift is periodical, with a period of 11 years

    2. because of the sun's 27 days spin rotation, the effects on the heliosphere of these changes of the suns magnetic field are very complicated (archimedian spiral). Moreover, because of the earth's rotation around the sun in periods of 1 year, the net result of these polarshift on the earth's atmosphere have nothing periodical.

    3. this is coroborated by the fact that there has been so far no significant correlation between the above mentionned 11 years cycle and the earths Key atmospheric indicators

    4. the earth's magnetic polarshift is much less understood, past data show that it is not periodical at all (the changes occur in periods varying between 5,000 and 50,000,000 years). The last change occured 740,000 years ago and does not seem to coincidence with any significant weather change.

    5. we do not know (simply too complicated to modelise) what would happen IF the two magnetic polarshifts (SUN and EARTH) would coincide


    1. the Maya's calendar stops on 12.12.2012.

    2. Of course, the Mayas had it all worked out and had much better models and more precise observational facts about the earths past atmospheric data, magnetic polarshifts and they could calculate with a high degree of precision that on the 12.12.2012, the two polarshift would coincide with a probability of 1 and that this would destroy the earth with a probability of 1.

    3. this is why it is VERY CLEAR that the world will change it's rotating direction on the 12.12.2012, this will have cataclysmic effects and we will all be eliminated

    4. this will also have a spiraling snowball effect on the whole universe

    5. my favourite car will not be BMW anymore

    6. I wll be projected in a parrallel universe



    Let's not mix science and fairy tales.
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    Sorry, this topic is not cosmoly, nor science of any kind, and does not belong anywhere on this site.

    - Warren
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