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What would be a good adhesive material?

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    Time and time again I am forced into purchasing a new hockey stick simply because the bottom of my hockey blade wears out. This is a common problem with any hockey stick which hockey stick manufacturers love as it keeps you purchasing more sticks frequently. Are there any suggestions of a very durable material that I could place on the bottom of my blade that would eliminate would increase its durability?
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    Don't know what the rules are for hockey sticks, but in theory a carbon fiber stick molded with a good thermoplastic resin could be restored to as new by a few minutes back in the curing mold ;)

    Kidding aside, one problem of a sacrificial edge on the bottom of the stick is how to keep it attached without making the stick clumsy or inefficient. A harder, more durable base to the blade would certainly impact the way the blade behaves, during a slap shot for instance. Accuracy would likely suffer, as the top of the blade would be much more flexible than the bottom.

    Frankly, given the near nil research funding available for hockey equipment, your efforts are as likely to produce results as those of industry. So go out and experiment!
    It is a wide open field.
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