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What would happen if normal force didnt exist?

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    The title says it all.
    --thank you
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    Things would fall through your table, through the floor, through the ground till they reached the center of the Earth. Even the ground would fall to the center of the Earth. I guess every gravity well would become a black hole.

    Force Normal holds things up. It balances the force of an object pushing down.

    But don't worry, it can't happen.
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    Thanks for clearing that up. Its hard to imagine how any life could possibly exist without it. I had know idea that it had such a great impact.
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    The normal force between a table and a book resting on it arises from the electrostatic repulsions between the electrons in the book and the electrons in the table.
    So, the Normal force is not a fundamental force. It is merely a consequence of the electrostatic force.
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    i feel gravitational force of a body would keep increasing due to increasing mass and one more thing that would happen is theb reverse of the BigBang that is eventually we will end up with just a singular large mass at the center of the universe.
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    i believe sidharth is right. but just imagine electrostatic force didnt exist but gravitational force existed
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