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What would you do if you cannot become a scientist?

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    I want to be a physicist in any area of physics. The reason is it is an ideal job for me. I love teaching and I love doing research.
    I enjoy sharing my knowledge and finding things out. In my mind, physicist = physics educator + physics researcher. Being a physicist can allow me to do both. I am interested in ALL areas of physics. Basically I am a physics geek. So I really hope that i can have the chance to become a physicist one day. But i know that a crucial step is to get a high-quality PhD degree.
    What would you do if you cannot become a scientist?
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    There's a good chance I would have ended up as a cop.

    Through grad school I worked with our campus security as an auxiliary officer and loved it. In fact, there was a time when I had decided I'd had enough of graduate school and physics and decided I was going to become a cop and that was all there was to it. Unfortunately my vision didn't meet the requirements for most police forces and somehow that re-directed me back to physics - albeit in a different branch. I could have overcome that obstacle - laser eye surgery and such - but this physics thing has worked very well for me so far.
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    Yeah, probably a cop too. With the hopes of being a homicide detective at some point.
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    I don't know if this counts, since it is within the science field, but I'd probably be a veterinarian. If a vet doesn't count, i'd volunteer my time to run a homeless shelter/teen center or help people starving to death in africa or something. Do something to help my fellow creatures. Of course, I should probably use some of my time to do that anyways...
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    I am a chef already ^^ It's kind of a science mixed with feeling. I like it :P
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    Cooking is definitely science mixed with creativity.
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    Interesting. Police officer was high on my list coming out of high school, but I ended up going into Engineering/Science. Now that I know how much I enjoy patient contacts and medicine, I would have gone into emergency medicine. Preferably an Emergency Department Doc. And maybe spending some time as a tactical medic/doc for PD... :smile:
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