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What's everyone doing for the summer?

  1. Mar 26, 2007 #1
    So, summer's coming up...anyone has any exciting plans? This summer will be my summer between undergrad and grad school. I have a potential plan that consists of working out, reading (more like studying), and trading stocks (hopefully not losing money). I might also take a few days to go to California or somewhere with a nice beach. Of course this will all be ruined if I get an internship, but I probably won't apply for any this summer. I have a feeling it'll be the last summer I can enjoy for a while :smile:.
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    Working. :biggrin:
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    Working .....:frown:

    But maybe a trip to vegas!
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    I thought you were still in school. Are you gonna be working as an intern? Where? I believe we're both mechanical engineers if my memory serves me right from your posts, but I'm not sure :cool:.
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    Working on research to go towards a masters degree in aerospace at school (though I am a ME right now), and putting my work at my regular internship on hold for the summer.

    Next semester is my last semester as an undergrad, but since I can start doing research early, I might possibly knock out my masters in a year or year and a half. I dont care one way or another though, im in no rush. Graduate school is free and I dont have to take any stupid GREs.

    Damn, you finished school at a young age. Im 22 and still an undergrad. LOL. I assumed from your name you were a physics major.
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    Working, probably at a coal mine. The crap shifts wont leave me any time for any fun stuff but the money is good I guess.
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    I hope you dont have to go inside the mines. Thats one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.
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    Sigh no, unfortunately I'm pretty sure there is no a/c and I can pretty well gurantee no music. Just 12 hour days full of engine noise and coal dust for me.
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    Caterpillar totally rocks.

    Edit: working and studying. Perhaps a one-week vacation somewhere on the Adriatic.
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    Studying and Swimming.
    Actually and preparing myself to travel to France
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    Just put an I-pod in one ear with the volume low so you can hear the radio in the other ear.
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    Work. And when I get some free time, I'll be able to get some work done. Enjoy college while you still can.
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    i might see you there :wink:
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    Summer REU in Cali (8 weeks, math), riding my bike a little bit, maybe reading a chess book (probably The Art of Checkmate), and probably taking the regular GRE as well.
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    Much like Physics Wiz, I'm between undergrad and grad school. The only difference is that I graduated in December, so I've got an extra four months of free time. Both of the physics grad schools I got accepted to said that I can only start taking classes and working as a TA in the Fall. But one offered to let me get started on research this summer, and the other will likely be able to make a similar offer once funding issues are resolved. So depending on where I go, I'll be doing MINOS research or gamma ray astrophysics research this summer. Right now I'm thinking I'll go with the latter.

    Either way, summer research will be welcome. All this free time has me bored out of my mind, and aside from a nominal amount of work (the kind that pays $$$), I've spent my days brushing up on all of my undergrad physics, just so I don't forget anything important.
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    I'll be working in our vegetable garden, and freezing and canning vegetables and wild produce and berries for the coming year. I plan to spend more time doing nature photography and fly-fishing, too. If my name gets pulled in this year's moose lottery, I'll also be scouting for places with good populations and good vehicular access (those rascals are tasty, but they are HEAVY).
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    Math Is Hard

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    Work + school + jury duty :(
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    Joory doody! Cool!
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    Good luck. That's what I'm doing now. What a royal pain. At least this week they told us on Monday that there are no trials until Friday, so I can plan some meetings and get things done during the week. I hate that they won't just tell you more than a day ahead of time what days you need to show up, so can't plan a dang thing for 6 weeks. That's just unreasonable.

    Anyway, summer, work as usual. Ooh, but I get a summer intern. Yay! She seemed quite outstanding when I met her last week, so I'm looking forward to this (even the director of the internship program thought she stood out above all the others who have applied in the 6 years he's been director of the program and congratulated me when she chose my lab to work in :biggrin:). This will be fun.

    And for those of you who have time off to play, don't forget the PF gathering in Chicago in July!
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    Well i was going to visit China, but not anymore. I have no plans at the moment.
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