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What's it called when a 3D shape can be made of 2D surfaces of all the same size

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    What's it called when a 3D shape can be made of 2D surfaces of all the same shape and dimensions?

    To make a cube, I can use 6 4-sided-squares (of course they're 4 sided)
    To make a pyramid (3 sided), I can use 4 3-sided-triangles

    I can do this with pentagon as well (i don't know what the shape is called)

    Eventually I can't do this as the sides of the shape increase because the remaining angle.

    ... after some thinking I realized I can only do this with 3 equilateral shapes.
    3 sided
    4 sided
    and 5 sided


    Once I get to the hexagon ... well


    Now here's an even more interesting question: Are there any others shapes convex or concave equilateral or not that can be used to create a 3D shape? (where the base shapes remains the same)
    If so how can one determine if a shape is capable of doing this?
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    Regular polyhedron
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    Doesn't look like there are too many of those shapes.

    Do you know about the second questions?
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    You can use the Euler Formula to prove, if I remember correctly, there are only five which are all regular polygons. 4,6,8,12,20
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