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What's the meaning of "totally antisymmetric" in Pauli's Principle?

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    Pauli's Principle says:

    "The wavefunction of two identical fermions must be totally antisymmetric".

    I know that, for a antisymmetric wavefunction,


    "totally antisymmetric" means this relation or it means that these 3 relations:

    [itex](-1)^L=-1[/itex] and

    [itex](-1)^{S+1}=-1[/itex] and


    must be verified simultaneously?

    Thank you!
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    Simon Bridge

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    A system of particles is antisymmetric if it's wavefunction changes sign under exchange of some two particles, it is totally antisymmetric if it does this under exchange of any two.
    You should be able to work out the actual conditions from there.
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