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What's the name of this mechanical component?

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    I have this spring sorta thing it looks like this -


    What we can do with this is push it form the top, it compresses (the middle section which is not straight is a spring sorta stuff) and forces the air inside the arrangement out...sorta like a hand blower.

    When you release the pressure it's shape pops back to normal.

    So what is this thing?...what do you call it?...I need more info on this.

    Edit -- The whole thing is made up of plastic

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    Looks like a bellows to me. There are different kinds of metal bellows:
    1. Edge welded
    2. Hydro-formed.

    This looks like an edge welded. They start with metal disks, usually stainless steel, and weld along the ID and OD to make a bellows as shown in the picture.

    Note that all metal bellows have some inherent spring rate. Springs are sometimes put inside them but that isn't always the case.
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    No no no...I don't think a bellow will do...the whole thing is made of plastic (the one which I got).

    It does not have any valves.
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    Is it solid plastic? Or could it be a plastic bellows?
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    http://www.ameriflex.net/images/bellows3.jpg [Broken]


    http://www.axialdynamics.com.au/big%20conv%20bellows.jpg [Broken]

    Are these compressable?...if so I think this is a sort of bellows.
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    Thin and flexible plastic.
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    Your first attachment (looks like a 3D render) is a lot like the little hand-sized pump on a siphon I have. You put one end of a neoprene tube in your gas tank and the other end in your mower - edger - etc. tank, then squeeze the plastic pump till gas is flowing. There is a little plastic "flapper" type check valve inside one end of the thing which makes it work.

    Your other attachments look like an assortment of expansion joints for ducting or piping of one sort or another... except for the green thing which looks like a fancy fireplace bellows and the copper things which look like they might be used to increase the surface area for cooling of something.
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    Those are piping expansion joints. They are flexible and can compress but not easily. They are to allow for thermal growth and misalignment in piping systems.
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    Yes, it looks like the thing that you have which you use on a siphon...except that it doesn't have a valve.

    Any name for it?

    And yeah, the first attachment is a rendered image.
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    It's still called a bellows whether it's made from steel, plastic, rubber or ...
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    Ok then, thanks!:smile:
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