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What's the strongest magnetic field safe for someone with a pacemaker ?

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    Hello i want to know what's the strongest magnetic field safe for a man who has pacemaker without having any problems ?

    If it's not to complicated to answer, thank you.
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    If your post is in relation to MRI scanning, technically there is no safe field. The problem with MRI arises from the fact that the field is rapidly changing in its intensity at any given point. This induces a potential in the pacemaker wires. Since pacer wires are relatively long there is a fair amount of electrical energy generated in them and that energy is dumped at both ends of the wire- into the pacer and into the heart- not a good thing for either.
    There is a new pacer from Medtronic that is a likely solution for the problem. I need to do some research and find out how far along that device is.
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