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When the electrons hit the bandgap

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    how to calculate the phase change of the reflection when the electrons hit the bandgap of a metal from another metal through a common interface? For sure i know there must be a large quantity of them reflected back. but how to model this using the nearly free electron?
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    There isn't any bandgap in metals.
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    You need to rethink of your question because I suspect you have one thing in mind, but used the wrong words for it.

    As has been said, metals do not have "band gaps", at least not around the Fermi level. Most semiconductors/insulators do. I am guessing that you are thinking of a tunneling problem, and the "bandgap" is actually "potential barrier". However, without you reformulating the question accurately, this is only a guess, and I don't normally answer guesses.

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    I think that's probably it - tunneling across a barrier potential (+ image charge potential?)
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