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Where can I find english version of Ann. Soc. scient bruxelles A47, 49(1927)

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    Hi guys,

    Where can I find english version of G. Lemaitre's paper Ann. Soc. Scient. bruxelles A47, 49(1927), and Ann. Soc. Scient. bruxelles A53, 51(1927) . I can find only french version in google, and I don't know french. Our library does not have this journal.

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    Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 91, 483 (1931)
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    Thanks bcrowell, I found it on google.

    By the way, I found that this is not the true translation of the original paper. Some paragraphs related with expansion constant (Hubble constant) are missing. And Hubble got the credit for this, which was originally shown by G. Lemaitre [Nature 479, 171–173 (10 November 2011) doi:10.1038/479171a]. Although, G. Lemaitre had removed those paragraphs because of his poor English. This thing happens in science all the time, so bad.
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    would you mind sharing where you found it? I cannot find the text either. Tnx.
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