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Homework Help: Where is this piecewise function discontinuous?

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    g(x) = 3 if x < -4
    g(x) = 7+x if |x| <or= 4
    g(x) = x^4 if x > 4

    I know there is a jump discontinuity at x=4. How would I state that in interval notation? Is that even possible or is it good enough to say g(x) is discontinuous at x=4? Basically what I've found is that if x=4 then g(x)=11 and that the limit of x is 256 as x approaches 4 from the right.

    This is part of my review for the test I will be having today. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Hello Ianfinity. Welcome to PF !

    Yes, g(x) is discontinuous at x=4.

    The limit of g(x) is 256 as x → 4-,

    not: the limit of x is 256 as x → 4-.
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