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Where to find mathematical problems for mathematics relating to electronics

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    Does anyone know where i can score a site with lots of problems pertaining to electronics equipment. Trying to understand the basics (resistors now) and when i google it i just get tons of crap but no problems to solve. anyone? Thx :)
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    I think you should get a book instead. Amazon sell used text book really cheap.
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    jim hardy

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    discovercircuits dot com , forums
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    The homework section of this site?
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    Hey perpc....

    I attached a short 4 page summary of electric basics. I wrote it a couple months ago and I feel it is written so anyone can understand it. It leaves out all the nonsense and just points out what you need at first. Work your problems and look at the basics I layed out. You'll be pretty good in no time....have fun.

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