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Where to go for engineering grad school?

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    So I went and did engineering science at uoft in their computer option. Time to graduate and I have no clue where to go now.

    I have applied to ECE program at UofT since their deadline was Jan 7 but not sure where else to apply now.

    What are some good grad school in the computer or robotics field? I'm looking at applying MIE and/or UTIAS at UofT, ECE and Systems Designs in UW, and ECE at Queens. UBC deadline has past.

    How is Systems Designs at UW? Heard the undergrad one is similar to engsci but engsci doesn't has a grad program?

    Don't think Queens engineering program is that great but there is robotics, security, and computer there.

    Didn't take the GRE so US is out of the question. Are there good schools in Europe?


    Or maybe since I'm not sure about grad studies, I should go out and work instead.

    Side question: which seems to be more useful - digital signal processing, AI, optimizing compilers, or FPGA design project course?
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    Some schools in the states don't require the GRE, or you have enough time to take it before the application is due.

    Depends on what you're interested in, but there are lots of jobs for/related to all of the above.
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    Since I'm not a software type, perhaps I'll speak to the robotics half of your question.

    If you're looking at Canadian Universities, a friend of mine went to McGill after his Ph.D., at the Centre for Intelligent Machines:

    His first degrees were from my faculty / department, Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta and though there are a few faculty members and research groups in robotics in engineering (mostly in electrical--controls and software for the most part--and mechanical), there isn't quite the same concentration as at McGill. CompSci has a relatively large robotics focus (machine intelligence, vision systems, etc.--mostly software-related).

    I was going to ask how your French was, but I seem to have been mistaken about the size of Ecole Technologie Superieure's robotics program (when I was with an undergraduate robotics team, we kept on running into their team at various events--good folks):
    http://www.etsmtl.ca/zone2/recherche/labo/CoRo/en/people.html [Broken]

    While not exhaustive, hopefully this helps expand the list a little. Figuring out whether or not you actually want to do graduate studies, well, that part's up to you!

    EDIT: And welcome to PhysicsForums!
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