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Where to go from here? a book question...

  1. Oct 5, 2016 #1

    I stopped studying math after grade 10. Then many years later I did.
    1-calculus dairies. (story book with personal calculus experience )
    2-idiot's guide to calculus.
    3-Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences(Mary Boas)
    4-Advance Engineering Mathematics (Erwin Kreyszig)
    5-real analysis, and some pure mathematics books, few chapters here and there.
    6-little bit of octave/matlab skills.Little bit of c, some python some shell..

    As much as I like looking at the symbols and and writing equation on paper and solving them, I get side tracked.. and think why I am doing it?
    My question to you is:
    How do I connect this stuff to reality?
    Or I just learn new stuff and marvel the beauty ??
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    This depends very much on your goal. If nothing else, it helps analyse speeches on TV with respect to their logic consistency. However, I warn you. It might be unpleasant to recognize all the ....... politicians are saying.
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    So I am not the only one finding inconsistent logics all over the place ...:biggrin:
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