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Where to purchase piezoelectrical components

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    Hello all,
    I'm just trying to find a distributor that will sell high frequency piezoelectric ceramics in a small quantity. There are a ton of distributors, but they want purchases in bulk. I'm just a lowly stage actor who has an idea, and I want to figure out a way to test the relation between piezoelectrics and water. I don't know what I am looking for... I know that the frequency has to be about 2 Mhz... and if there is a way to adjust the frequency then that would be a plus.

    This post is a shot in the dark. Any help or direction that can be given would be appreciated.
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    Here I made a quick sketchup of the way I want to setup the experiment. Maybe this will help with the kind of piezo device I need and where to better find it. The ones on Mouser and Allied were not the appropriate shape or frequency needed, but thank you.

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    I looked for a while online for the same item (I was also curious about foggers/humidifiers/atomizers). The consensus seems to be that the easiest approach is to just buy a commercial humidifier and disassemble it.
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    I've used ultrasonic cleaners that have piezoelectric transducers mounted on the bottom of the tank. They can transfer energy to get the water hot enough to cause it to boil. But most are not running in the MHz range.
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