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Homework Help: Whether impulses passing to brain have any relation with current in physics?

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    in the case of information transfer or during reflex reaction, impulses pass through our body to brain. whether this has any relation with current in physics? whether vibrations are only passing? then how much is the speed through our blood?
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    I'm not entirely sure what you're asking but when you for example, touch something, it will activate the nerves in your hand which send an electrical signal through nerve fibres into your brain where the information is processed.

    If you're asked to show that this is true or something you could say that non-lethal stun weapons work by overstimulating the nerves with electricity, so if that wasn't the case, stun weapons wouldn't work.
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    electrical signal through brain means flow of electrons?
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    An signal through a neuron is a wave of depolarization. It can be triggered by a flow of electrical current but it is not an electrical current.
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    oh i see. thanks jbriggs..
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