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Aerospace Which Aerodynamics Journal is Best?

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    I am working on research in the field of Aeronautical Engineering. My article deals with flow separation over dimpled surfaces. I am looking to submit my article to a journal, but I don't know how to decide who to send it to. At the moment, I am trying to decide between the following journals: Physics of Fluids, Journal of Fluid Mechanics and AIAA Journal.

    How should I decide who to submit the article to? Are there any other journals that I should look in to? Do any of these journals provide better benefits than others? (I am not yet associated with a university, so I can't ask them who to submit it to.) (If I would have to predict, I will probably be going to the Imperial College of London. Most of their articles go to AIAA. Does that matter?)

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    No offense, but don't you think that that topic has been pretty well covered? What are you coming up with that is any different than what has been done over the past 30+ years?

    ASME has quite a few interdisciplinary journals. I would suggest any of them.
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