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Which are the elements which direcly sublimes

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    I know that Arsenic sublimes directly when heated. So I want to know which other elements like this sublimates on heating throughout the periodic table. I also know dry ice.
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    Dry ice is not an element. Otherwise, all substances can sublimate: it is just a question of pressure.
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    At ambient pressure, the most well known example is probably iodine. You can see the vapour as it is violet and also observe new crystals forming on colder places of the vial.
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    Most materials have a point called the triple point below which they're all sublime. Check for phase diagrams of water, oxygen, nitrogen... They're all similar. These diagrams can also reveal wierd things like how to obtain hydrogen as metal. Now in the US they have also claimed to have obtained metallic carbon, but this without the condition of excessive pressure.
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