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Which engineering field has more job opportunities?

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    I've gotten accepted to a university for Engineering Physics. I plan on going there in September; I also heard that you can switch from Engineering physics to electrical engineering after first year without having to take any "missed" courses.

    Basically my question is which field has jobs of more quality and quantity?

    Thank you for your time!
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    They are both great fields, but in general there are more EE jobs available.....and in general EE jobs are higher paying.

    Some people (physics guys) will argue this....but in general, I believe my above statement to be 100% true.

    As far as which job is more quality.....that's a matter of opinion unique to each individual.

    Also, if you switch to EE....you are still going to learn a boat load of physics. There is no way around it.
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    I really don't mind learning physics or math, that's actually one of the reason why I went into engineering; I just really didn't know which program out of the two I should go in. I'm going to do more research on this though.
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