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Which final year project should i choose as an Eng undrgrad?

  1. Jan 25, 2015 #1
    I am doing Electrical and Electronics engineering. I am current in my 6th sem (8 in total). From the 7th sem i would have to choose a topic/project for my final year, which will go on till the end of the course. I want to pursue physics as my graduate studies. I have been trying to think of some project which will relate to physics and some maths too, as i also read about it in "Do you want to be a physicist" thread.

    My university doesnt offer physics courses and isnt very good for research too. So i want some topic which will be in the realm of applied physics but which will help me later in my graduate studies too. I dont wanna do some robotics, programming, or renewable energy because that wont relate to pure physics. Also, since i am just an undergrad, the target shouldnt be something so radical and revolutionary, that i would never be able to achieve.. i was looking into quantum dots but i couldnt find a suitable application i could work on.
    All suggestions will be appreciated. i just wanna use the last year of my engineering to prepare for further studies.
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    First, if you haven't taken any physics courses, you are going to have a hard time getting into graduate school for physics, regardless of the nature of your final engineering project.

    Second, part of the exercise of such projects is to come up with the idea yourself. A good place to start for inspiration is to look at the successful projects from previous years.
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