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Which formula for energy and heat transfer?

  1. Mar 22, 2013 #1
    A perfect gas is compressed in a cylinder reversibly according to the law pV1.3 = C. The initial condition of the gas is 1.05 bar, 0.34 m3 and 17 oC. If the final pressure is 6.32 bar; and given that cv = 0.7175 kJkg-1 and R = 0.287 kJkg-1.

    Calculate the following.

    (a) The work transfer to the gas compressed

    (b) The heat transfer during the compression

    I would like to ask, what formula can I use to calculate the answers.

    I have found in my book that the following formula might work, but I am not sure what d is. It is such a frustrating subject so please don't slate me saying I havent tried because I really have I promise.

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    Have you had calculus yet?
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